Operating Authorities

Operating authorities dictate where and with what type of equipment a commercial carrier can operate. Compliance Solutions can assist your company with regards to: 

  • Obtaining Safety Fitness Certificates.
  • Obtaining Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration authority as a common carrier. 
  • Securing additional operating authorities as required by a province or state.

Please contact us to discuss your specific operating authority requirements.

Fuel Tax Reporting

  • Under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) all commercial trucking companies are required to report the miles/kilometres their units travel in each province or state for the purpose of calculating fuel taxes in each jurisdiction. 
  • Fuel Tax Reporting is mandatory and must be completed in an accurate, timely manner. Compliance Solutions provides commercial carriers with a cost effective alternative to managing fuel tax reporting in house. Our experienced team can prepare and submit Fuel Tax Reports with accuracy and consistency. This can free up a carrier's resources and reduces the chances of a compliance failure. 

Commercial Fleet Licensing

  • Licensing a commercial fleet can be challenging, particularly if the fleet is operating in multiple jurisdictions. In many cases carriers have a variety of licensing requirements within the fleet to accommodate a mix of individual provinces and states where units are operating. 
  • The International Registration Program (IRP) defines the licensing requirements for various equipment types in each province and state. Compliance Solutions can aid in the set up and ongoing processing required to complete documentation.

Facility & D.O.T. Audits

  • More and more carriers are taking a proactive approach to facility and D.O.T. audits. Many companies want to know where they stand before regulatory officials initiate an audit. Where an official audit has already take place our customers look to us to help them address compliance concerns and implement programs to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained in the future. 
  • Audits conducted to ensure compliance with National Safety Code in Canada and U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 
  • Proactive approach looks at driver files, maintenance files and logbooks. 
  • Voluntary audits are looked upon favorably by both Canadian and U.S. Government Agencies. 
  • In situations following a non-voluntary audit in the aftermath of an official compliance audit, Compliance Solutions can provide the direction and recommendations to address regulatory concerns.

Log Book Auditing

“Drivers will not necessarily do what you expect, but they will always do what you inspect”. 

  • The core of our log book auditing program is to carefully review and provide assessment reports on the following areas: 
  • Log book program to evaluate how drivers are maintaining their log books. 
  • Audit to all Canadian and U.S. rule set variations with marked border crossings. 
  • Individual driver reports to identify where remedial training is required. 
  • Log book violations can threaten a carrier's ability to conduct business and must be kept to a minimum through auditing and education. We use a combination of technology and experience to evaluate where your drivers are at in terms of log book compliance. We can also provide comprehensive log book training to ensure uniform compliance throughout your employee base.

Vehicle Safety Audits

  • Full compliance with the regulations that apply to commercial fleets includes vehicle maintenance records that meet the standards of each operating jurisdiction. Well maintained records that are readily available for inspection are a key part of sustaining a good safety record. 
  • Compliance Solutions conducts professional audits of vehicle maintenance records using the same stringent standards a regulatory auditor would apply. The purpose of this audit is to evaluate the current record keeping process and review individual vehicle maintenance histories to determine if they meet regulatory requirements in terms of record keeping.

Safety Plans

Designed to provide a complete approach to commercial driver and vehicle safety and compliance.  Compliance Solutions prepares detailed Safety Plans that include the following areas: 

  • Program Implementation 
  • Hours of Service 
  • Disciplinary Policy 
  • Driver Profile 
  • Vehicle Profile 

Safety Plans are tailored to your Company's needs and reflect current regulatory standards.